The Programme

The Programme

Virtual Thread Lift - an improved you without surgery

Look younger and feel more confident for the special launch price of £29 (normally £59)

Facial thread lifts state that the procedure they use stimulates the body to produce more collagen. How about getting your body to do that for less than a fairly good treatment cream, which only lasts a few months until you have to buy more?

This programme will help you and teach you how to look and feel younger, and at the same time, using the power of your unconscious mind to believe you really have had cosmetic procedures. By stimulating your nerve cells, your body will respond by producing collagen which the makes your skin plump up and tighten certain areas of your face.

We will be showing you, through video and audio support guides, how to:

  1. become more confident and have a more positive attitude
  2. how to look and feel younger (a cosmetic surgeon can make you look younger, but he/she cannot make you feel better)
  3. change your thought processes long term

There will be other therapies included along with hypnosis.

You will be shown how to get your mind to generate more collagen to give you a softer look – it’s all about regeneration.