Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

“After using the programme, I really did feel as though my face felt tighter. I am regularly using the acupressure points too. As for my confidence , it really has improved. I can’t believe this programme can work so well. I was a bit sceptical to begin with, but it really does seem that the power of my mind can do great things.”
Jan, Manchester

“Have just started the programme. Waiting to see results. The anxiety MP3 is really helping as I am going through a bad time at the moment. I listen every day and do feel the benefits. Happy so far!”
Kathy, Ipswich

“I had used a programme that was a virtual gastric band CD. It worked well, and I genuinely felt less hungry . I thought if my mind can make me less hungry, it can also make me look better. Not expecting too many miracles as I am in my 70s, but here’s hoping. Not a lot to lose if it does not work, and the programme really relaxes me.”
Irene, Dorset

“I wasn’t sure it was working, but several people have said things like I am looking good, happier. Someone even said they thought I looked ten years younger. Wow. Something must be happening.”
Eva, Stirling

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