Virtual Thread Lift

Have you noticed that when you feel good and happy, and then look in the mirror, it’s as though you look younger?

Our Virtual Thread Lift programme will help and teach you how to look and feel younger using the power of your unconscious mind.


Over the past 17 years I have helped many people to become more confident within themselves.

I always noticed that when my clients started to become more confident, they actually looked younger. Many said, especially the female clients, that some people had asked whether they had had some cosmetic work done.

This pleased my clients no end, because if people thought that about them, it must have meant they were actually looking younger and healthier.

Joy Gower, Trainer in Hypnotherapy and NLP

“I have been a GP for 25 years. I know Joy Gower to be a bone fide practitioner and have had several patients report to me that they have benefitted from seeing her for hypnotherapy and NLP. I am sure that this programme will be of benefit to many people.”

Dr Paul Wisdom

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